Young Learners

Supporting Spanish at your school

If your school already teaches Spanish, there are many ways Vamos can help.

  • An extra helping hand

    Our supporting courses follow the school curriculum and are perfect for late starters or students who just need an extra helping hand.

  • Tailored courses

    We can offer intensive courses for holiday or mid-term periods to help prepare for the academic year and/or boost grades.

  • Extra activities

    We can offer a range of online social events for students and teachers to share enthusiasm for Hispanic culture, such as book and cinema clubs, conversation and culture lessons, Spanish quizzes and more.

  • Expand their potential

    Where students have a passion for languages, we can offer dynamic lessons that revise what they have learnt at school while expanding their knowledge.

  • Trips to Spain

    We can offer unforgettable immersion weeks in Spain with Spanish lessons every day.

  • Spanish for your staff

    We can offer discounted adult courses for your teachers and staff.