Enrichening Spanish at Your School

Learning Spanish need not just be about passing exams. At Vamos we can offer a wide range of fun, extracurricular courses, workshops and activities where students enjoy immersive experiences while expanding their knowledge of the language and culture.

We can also organise school trips to Valencia and other parts of Spain.

  • Spanish Book Club

    For those who enjoy reading, this will broaden horizons and inspire minds while reading classical and contemporary writers of Hispanic literature.

  • Conversation classes

    These fun, informal classes are designed to help break the ice and encourage conversations in Spanish while revising what they already know.

  • Revision techniques

    These short workshops provide useful tips such as how to memorise in a foreign language and specific techniques to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Spanish Quiz

    Put their knowledge to the test with our Spanish quiz events. They’re great fun and excellent for revision too as they learn about the Hispanic world.

  • Travel and Culture

    Discover Spain and the Hispanic world as we learn all about amazing destinations and cultural elements such as music, food, traditions and more.

  • Spanish for their future (A level)

    For students interested in the skills, confidence and cultural competence in the professional world, we have courses that include CV writing, job interviewing and the use of email.