AS and A level Spanish exam preparation courses


Aligned to Edexcel and AQA exam boards


2-week revision courses (20-hours) that tackle the exercises encountered on exam day.


These courses are designed to meet the AS and A level standards of listening, reading and writing exams.

We focus on the 3 main areas assessed, which are Aspects of Hispanic society, Artistic culture in the Hispanic world and Grammar, while reviewing the complete content of the A level Spanish course and essential exam techniques.

Students listen and respond to spoken passages from a range of contexts and sources covering different registers and read and respond to a variety of texts written for different purposes, drawn from a range of authentic sources; a special emphasis is made to the writing essay exercise.

We offer a wide range of tips and strategies that lower stress levels and make the learning process fun.

At the end of this course students will have improved their ability and confidence in these three skills.


This preparation course focuses on preparing the student for the AS and A level Spanish speaking exam, so students can effectively discuss aspects of Hispanic society and Artistic culture in the Hispanic world.

Students develop the skills, techniques and competence required to succeed in this oral exam and using stimulus cards as provided during the test, become familiar with the style of questions and their requirements.

As part of the exam preparation and to increase confidence, we give tips, advice and information on examination technique.