Course Materials

We have a framework of course materials for KS2, KS3, GCSE, IGCSE and A level, which include courses to boost grades, communicative skills, and exam preparation.

Our term books follow the school curriculum and reflect the perfect union between the 4 skills and the communicative approach.

Our lessons are fun and enjoyable and involve real communication and dynamic activities.

Our content is vibrant and engaging and we complement the official course books used at schools with games, interaction with others and communicative techniques, all of which makes learning fun and accessible.

Gamification, communicative activities, and an inductive approach to learning grammar is key to our programme and how we achieve improved learning outcomes.

The combination of our interactive content, instant results and engaging communications, transforms children’s attitude to homework.

Every page in our KS3 and GCSE term books is also an interactive homework, which teachers assign in a managed workflow on our portal.

We have turned homework into a fun, motivating activity that plays a key part in our goal to success.