Kids at Vamos

Course fees and teaching hours

Here are our teaching hours for full courses, supporting courses and associated fees per term, per child.

Full courses (FC) are where we are the only language provider and supporting courses (SC) are where
we complement Spanish taught at school.

Fees to parents are receipted by the school with a single term payment to Vamos.

Fees to schools are discounted by volume and based on class sizes of minimum 10 students.

Course fees may be subject to VAT
School year FC hours per term FC fees per term SC hours per term SC fees per term
KS2 Years 3,4,5 and 6 7.5 £100 N/A N/A
KS3 Years 7, 8 and 9 30 £395 10 £135
GCSE Year 10 with KS3* 56 £725 N/A N/A
GCSE Years 10 and 11 42 £545 15 £205
A level Years 12 and 13 60 £775 20 £265
* Applies to Year 10 students who have not previously studied Spanish